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-To do+=====Project Name===== 
 +Leap Robo VR 
 +Our Project Leap Robo VR is made up of several ideas. We’re going to be using a Raspberry Pi Robot that was created in a previous semester as the basis for our project. We’ll use 2 Leap Motion gesture control modules to control the robots Acceration and steering, with this we’ll also adapt a webcam onto the robot so that the user that is driving the robot can see what the robot sees. Our end goal with this project is to allow a user to drive a robot through a maze using our Leap Robo VR project. 
 +=====Team Members===== 
 +^  Name  ^  Role  ^  Email  ^ 
 +|Kenny Nguyen|Leader|| 
 +|woohyung Ham|Member|| 
 +|henry Kim|Member|| 
 +|Ziqiang Yang|Member|| 
 +|Koji Miyauchi|Member|| 
 +=====Parts Needed===== 
 +^  Parts  ^  Links  ^  Comments ​ ^ 
 +|Working Raspberry Pi Robot(Club will provide)| |We’ll be using a robot created from a previous semester| 
 +|Wifi Module|http://​​Edimax-Wireless-Adapter-Wizard-EW-7811Un/​dp/​B003MTTJOY/​ref=sr_1_1?​ie=UTF8&​qid=1422400051&​sr=8-1&​keywords=raspberry+pi+wifi| | 
 +|Compatible Webcam|http://​​SainSmart-Camera-Module-Webcam-Raspberry/​dp/​B00FGKYHXA/​ref=sr_1_1?​ie=UTF8&​qid=1422400156&​sr=8-1&​keywords=raspberry+pi+webcam| | 
 +|2 Leap Motions|http://​​ |3 Would be nice, but 2 will be fine| 
 +|2 Google Cardboard|http://​​p/​neje-diy-google-cardboard-virtual-reality-3d-glasses-w-headband-for-4-7-inch-cellphone-338469#​.VMgYfl7F8p0| | 
 +  - Learn how to install leap motion 
 +  - Learn what kind of data leap motion returns when interacted with 
 +  - Mount webcam on robot 
 +  - Learn how to interact with camera 
 +  - Create program to control robot via commands sent every second 
 +  - Stream webcam video out from robot out through http(webrtc maybe?) 
 +  - Interpret leap motion data to use to control robot 
 +  - Create software to use leap motion data to send commands to robot 
 +  - Create Android application to view video streamed from robot 
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